Rafael R. Guthmann

I am an economist; currently working as assistant professor at the College of Economics and Business at the Alberto Hurtado University. My primary fields of interest are economic theory, institutional economics, and economic history.

My theoretical work has focused on:
(1) The study of the intersection of the fields of information economics with competition, market design, and frictions of trading: the implications of how decision-makers are constrained by their information. For example, consider a decision-maker who has access to a set of options that he or she can consider in the formulation of their plans. I consider the implications of our assumptions about this set of options regarding the allocation of resources across the economy.
(2) I am also interested in the ramifications of this research agenda on public economics and models of economic development.

Besides, I am also interested in institutional economics and economic history. In particular the evidence regarding long-run economic performance across regions of the world and its relationship with social and political institutions.

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My substack (i.e., blog): Rafael’s Commentary